Formation of the Solar System

Image of the Orion nebula taken by the NASA Spitzer space telescope in 2015
Yulia Lipnitskaya at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. As she draws in her body, the rate at which she spins increases, demonstrating the conservation of angular momentum.
Table showing the classification of elements based upon there volatility and are divided by there affinity. Red represent the least volatile elements, and therefore the first to condense and blue signifies the most volatile and last to condense. After Palme & O’Neill, 2003.
A lonely looking photo of Saturn taken by the NASA Cassini probe in 2005.
Enhanced colour view of Jupiter's south pole taken by the NASA Juno spacecraft in 2017.

My name’s Joe, I’m an undergraduate student who just wants to write and share the things that interest me.

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